Why a blog?

Since I can remember I have always loved writing, as I am far more capable of expressing myself with the written word than I can face-to-face, no I am not socially awkward. Would I consider myself shy?… well, yes! most definitely and probably also an introvert. But the problem you see is that society has developed a rather insidious view of what is means to be an introvert. Like most things there is a continuum, with extremes on either end. I just fall somewhere closer to being an introvert, where I enjoy and indeed need periods of time by myself to reflect and internalize my daily experiences. This is not to say that I dislike groups of people or any form of human contact and prefer to stay at home with my cat (I do like cats though…)- in actual fact I LOVE spending time with friends and having a good time. However, after spending time with other people I need a bit of time to myself to set myself “straight”. EVeryone needs some “me” time, except people who display more introvert qualities need a bit more than the average person.

But I digress. I have finally decided to take the plunge and write a blog because quite simply, I enjoy the act of creating something. I am not artsy (stick figures are a push for me) so cannot create something in the literal sense but I can put words on a page and take enjoyment in the fact that someone else might take something positive away from them.

Why the title?

Life is an accumulation of experiences, both good and bad. Each serves their purpose in the greater scheme of things, the sum of which I like to think of as making you the person you are. My great odyssey in life is to live it to the fullest and in doing so be the best version of myself.

Good and bad, A fine Odyssey captures it all and everything in between.



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