R- Why we all use it

R statistical computing software is something every grad student and scientist would have been exposed to or at the very least heard of. It has become so popular in the science world for two main reasons- 1) It is FREE, and 2) It can pretty much be used to run any conceivable analysis. Some love it, many hate it and many more still fear it…Once you get over the initial hurdle of coming to grips with the coding it is a fantastic program (as long as you are using it in combination with RStudio!). I recently wrote a very basic introductory guide for my lab and was encouraged to share it. So for anyone who is thinking about using it have a look at this guide- it might help make you a convert! Of course you will still experience those days of complete and utter frustration when I line of code will not run but fear not you are just a google search away from salvation! (seriously I have not yet come across a problem that was not solved by dredging through online help forums).

Also have a look here for other reasons to love R- Why do we love R so much?



3 thoughts on “R- Why we all use it

  1. Great, thanks! I have to admit I stumbled upon ‘the end of statistics’ a few times already, when my problems and error codes are still a mystery even to the designers themselves, but this only happens after really REALLY long days of coding 😀


    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 That sounds like some nightmare coding! and hopefully does not happen too often 😉 I do think R could do with making its error codes a bit more user friendly and easier to understand!


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