About me

My name is Wesley… and I am actually really bad at this sort of thing- introducing myself! Well the basics, I am a new PhD student at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, working towards my PhD in Evolutionary Ecology and Phylogenetics. Basically I am studying all about drivers that bring about diversification in the famous Drakensberg region of the country and more specifically the biodiversity hotspot known as the Drakensberg Alpine Centre. My academic interests lie in Ecosystem ecology, plant functional traits, biogeochemistry, phylogenetics and of course evolution! Hopefully during my PhD I can begin to tie all of these together! (I will at some point write a post all about my PhD)

I love the outdoors and being in nature (give me a scenic lookout point over a crowded city any day!). I grew up going to the renowned Kruger National Park- which played a big role in developing my interest in biology. I LOVE photography (so expect to see the odd photo or ten) and find it exhilarating to capture the beauty of the natural world in a static, timeless image.I also enjoy reading and would consider myself fairly obsessed with coffee and tea.

I will include a bit of everything in this blog-from interesting science, daily struggles, my thoughts on worldly issues and pretty much anything I think would be interesting to write about. This is for me as much as it is a means to communicate with others.

I hope you will enjoy 🙂DSC_1047-01


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