The power of words

This video is quite spectacular! and addresses a very important point. Words have power, the power to build and the power to destroy. BUT they can also be meaningless…

Consider your words and the power they hold. Sometimes we fail to say the things we want to, the things we need to, to the people we care about. Sometimes the lack of words has greater impact than words themselves. Do you sometimes not say what you think just to keep the peace? because what you need to say is not what someone “wants” to hear? Do you speak false words, words without meaning, ghost words- echoed from behind a mask? A mask that portrays what people expect to see and not always what really is…

A few kind words is all it takes to make someone else’s day 🙂


Norway rocks!

Amazing pictures!

On top of the world

Norway is never just Norway.

DSC_0966 Lonely rock, balancing on the top

We had to revisit the magnificent views of the north in order to find back temperature sensors that we had left scattered through the mountains. It made for three days of walking, camping and working in one of the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen.

DSC_0631 Birch tree surviving on a smooth steep slope

I was in particular impressed by the wide variety of rock formations that defined the landscape. Rocks are truly reigning in the north – at least in the summer season – and the vegetation has to adapt to their moods.

DSC_0593 Meltwater river forcing us to jump

We also had to subject to their power and clamber up and down the slopes to find back our sensors. It made for exciting adventures and some tricky balancing excercices, but it was definitely worth every second of the experience.

DSC_0744 Impressive rock formation in…

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How Long Does Your Writing Take?

A very useful trick to overcoming procrastination!

Academic Life

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you normally read in bed before falling asleep every night? If so, how long do you read for?

candleI certainly do. Yet, I only manage to put together five or six pages at most before abandoning myself into Morpheus’ arms. The whole process probably takes me 15-20 minutes every night and, as a positive side effect, I have noticed that the quality of my sleep is far better than if I tried to fall asleep without reading.

But I am digressing…

So, here is my point:

I have managed to read lots of books in my life, just by spending a few minutes every night reading only a few pages!

This is remarkable for me because all too often I have a strong tendency to wait for the perfect circumstances, the perfect settings, the perfect time, before actually getting a start…

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