Wilderness destinations you have to visit!

I have always suffered from a fairly serious case of wanderlust. Although as of yet I have not had the opportunity to formally pursue many of these cravings… As a result I have taken up living vicariously through others until such time as I can go on adventures of my own (uhm meant to be read as when I develop the ability to grow money!). Don’t get me wrong, I have been incredibly lucky growing up with parents who exposed me to many beautiful places all around South Africa (Thank you Mom and Dad!), wanderlustbut I have always had this urge to see more. Experience the majestic wild of some far off country, be it the rainforests of Papua New Guinea ,Equatorial Africa, or Tasmania. Where you are enveloped by the forest and all around you are ancient trees and wilderness which for the most part is virtually untouched by mankind. That to me is a thrilling thought! Yes these rainforests are usually occupied by a multitude of critters of the spidery and slithering kind- who are often quite dangerous, BUT lets not dwell on those aspects haha. I imagine staring up at the canopy above me, the light creeping in creating shadows wherever I look. I imagine the humidity lapping at my skin and the sounds of the forest orchestra all around, the hum of insects the basetrack.  I smell the damp leaf litter and hear the leaves crack and twigs snap softly under my weight. I imagine the luscious air free of pollution and also staring out across the carpet of green. Trees the units of this puzzle! What I would give to sit and watch the sun rise and the forest wake up, to see the clouds drift gently across the horizon, gently blanketing the canopy. I can picture the stream gurgling by, softly caressing the rocks as the water flows determinedly -imperfectly perfect pebbles evidence of eons of weathering.

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